Diversifying Cropping Systems to Enhance Rural Development

Opportunities exist to enrich many areas of our country with a greater diversity of crops and agriculturally-based enterprises. A variety of new crops have potential in various parts of the country, including oilseeds such as canola, crambe, and meadowfoam, fiber crops such as kenaf, and horticultural specialty crops.

Unfortunately, diversification has been difficult for farmers to achieve because of technical, marketing, institutional, and policy barriers. To overcome these barriers, a diverse group of partners has worked together to form a Center for Crop Diversification. 

Funded through the USDA Fund for Rural America Program, this Center encompasses six land-grant university partners, led by the University of Missouri and the Jefferson Institute. Click on the highlighted states below to learn more about crop diversification activities related to this project.

Colorado | Indiana | Missouri | Nebraska | Oregon


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